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 For 10-B Form


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First Con[b]ditionals
1 Fill in the gaps in the following sentences using the First Conditional.
1 If you ________ (not/exercise) and eat healthily, you ________
(put) on weight.
2 If we ________ (go) to the cinema, we ________ (buy) some
3 If he ________ (go) to the gym, he ________ (get) quite muscular.
4 If you ________ (not/dress) warmly, you ________ (catch) a cold.
5 She ________ (feel) sick if she ________ (eat) too much chocolate.
6 If you ________ (stretch) your arms and legs after exercise, you
________ (feel) much better!
7 You ________ (get) stomachache if you ________ (eat) too much
8 If we ________ (walk) there, it ________ (take) us about twenty
Complete the Conditional Sentences (Type I) by putting the verbs into the correct form.

If I (to study), I (to pass) the exams.
If the sun (to shine), we (to walk) into town.
If he (to have) a temperature, he (to see) the doctor.
If my friends (to come), I (to be) very happy.
If she (to earn) a lot of money, she (to fly) to New York.
If we (to travel) to London, we (to visit) the museums.
If you (to wear) sandals in the mountains, you (to slip) on the rocks.
If Rita (to forget) her homework, the eacher (to give) her a low mark.
If they (to go) to the disco, they (to listen) to loud music.
If you (to wait) a minute, I (to ask) my parents.
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For 10-B Form
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